Swedish Karate Open - 24-25th March 2012





Karate girl, Aimee Sell’s latest exploits in competition Karate was at the Swedish Karate Open held in Malmo over the weekend 24-25th March 2012. Aimee left late Friday morning to catch the relatively short flight to Sweden and upon arrival in Malmo went straight to the HQ hotel where she was staying. The hotel was fairly busy awash with competitors milling around and plenty of familiar faces including quite a few English competitors.

Her early arrival allowed to her to attempt an early registration in the evening but this was proving almost impossible. After finally finding the sports venue for the competition she found the front doors locked as were all other entrances. After approximately 30 minutes of waiting she finally managing to get in through a back entrance, just the front doors were unlocked after they keys were found. Nice. However, there was some compensation as the registration was quick and easy which allowed her to return promptly back to the hotel to meet up with some teammates, John Gardiner and Luke Harty, to go out into Malmo for dinner.

The next day Aimee arrived at the sports venue bright and early in preparation for the early morning Kata competition starts. Aimee was competing in two events, the Female Junior 16-17yrs Kata event and the Female Senior 16yrs+ Kata event.


Female Junior 16-17yrs Kata

Aimee made a bright start as the competition got underway with the Junior event winning her opening round 3 flags to 0 following her performance of Bassai-Dai against her competitors Jion Kata.

In the 2nd round Aimee performed Annan Kata after deciding to mix up the Kata order for a change. A good call as she powered her way through to a 3-0 win beating her opponent's Seipai Kata..

The 3rd round saw Aimee perform Chatanyara Kushanku against her opponent's Suparinpei Kata and once again claimed a 3-0 win.

The pool final saw Aimee opt to perform Nipaipo Kata which saw her take the win 2-1 over her opponent’s Suparinpei Kata.

The two pool finalist then went head-to-head with Aimee’s Unshu Kata facing her opponent’s Suparinpei Kata. Aimee came out on top claiming gold with a 3 flags to 0 win.

Female Senior Kata

It was then into the senior event with Aimee once again making a good opening start as her Bassai-Dai Kata beat her opponent’s Gojushiho Kata 3 flags to 0.

The 2nd round saw Aimee choose to perform Unshu Kata and  claimed a 2-1 win, this time over her opponent’s Suparinpei Kata, 4th Suparinpei of the day against Aimee.

In the 3rd round Aimee faced yet another Suparinpei Kata and although Aimee performed an excellent Annan Kata the votes went against Aimee as she lost this semi-final clash 3-0 leaving her in the repechage final.

The repechage final saw Aimee perform Chatanyara Kushanku Kata which was matched by her opponent’s Seienchin Kata. Aimee won the encounter 3 flags to 0 to claim a senior bronze medal to add to her earlier gold in the juniors.

All in all, very good results, another gold in the Junior category and medalling once again in a senior event.



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